About Us

Villain-Inc was born when two guys from very different backgrounds got thrown together into an unwanted situation by life, which resulted

in them becoming close friends.


All their chats about their individual lives and backgrounds made them realise

they had similar dreams and visions for the future, which included doing what

they loved best and getting their designs out there to the masses. 

What We Do

Villain is made up of two main parts: 

Villain Apparel:

We design graphics for printing on t-shirts and hoodies. In the near future we hope to produce our own clothing as well.

Villain Designs: We design custom graphics and logo's for clients to use on their own clothing or for any other printing or visual purposes. We also design things like business cards, vehicle branding, banners and websites.


more info on our clothing and custom designs please check out the Apparel Store Page and The Custom Designs Page

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